SBS is still under way.  We probably won’t have the first issue out in December, however, because we haven’t accepted enough submissions for the first issue.  We’re still plugging away, though.  Now for some updates…

Staff Update:
Ellira (Lindsey) is no longer on the editorial team.  She backed down from the position recently.  Those of you who have recently received rejections/acceptances will have noticed a different name at the end of the email:  Nyx.  That’s our new editor and so far things are working out.  Nyx’s name will be appearing at the bottom of our email responses.
Nyx is also slated to be in the first issue of the magazine.  For those concerned that this might be a conflict of interest I will say that Nyx was brought into the project well after she was accepted into the first issue.  And so long as she is working on SBS she cannot submit to it.

And that’s that!  Keep submitting!