In case anyone has been wondering where we’ve been, I figure it’s a good time to have a little update.  So here goes:

  • Submissions
    We could always use more, but we haven’t had too many issues with submissions thus far and our inbox is still full.  We’re working our way through as we speak, so if we have something of yours it’s either been read and we’re deliberating or it hasn’t been read yet.  No worries, though.  We’ll get to it soon enough!
  • Publication
    We’re nearing publication for the first issue.  Currently we’re around two-thirds full for the first issue, which is good.  We expect to close submissions in January and begin formatting for a release date in late February or March.  That’s the hope.  It all depends on you folks out there!  The more submissions we get, the sooner we can fill the issue!
  • Website
    While we’ve been using this WordPress page successfully for SBS, we’re not planning to keep it.  SBS will eventually be moving to its own domain.  Not sure when, but I imagine it will be around the release of the first issue.  You’ll all know more when I know more!

On a side note, for those of you just stumbling upon us, we are currently looking for the following:

  • Interior Art
    Small single-panel comics, or even short multiple-page comics would be fine.  We’re looking for funny things related to writing or simply funny things.
    Additionally, we could always use general artwork for the issue.  Read the guidelines for artwork/comics first, then submit!
  • Articles on Writing
    Looking for articles related to the craft of writing.  If you have something interesting, send it our way.
  • Literary Criticism
    Whether it be academic or casual, we’re open to having literary criticism…provided it’s interesting.  We’re not particularly interested in long-winded, overly thought pieces (such as works that read more like attempts to show off one’s vocabulary).  It needs to say something interesting about literature or a particular piece of literature.  Bonus points if you do an interesting analysis of more modern works.
  • Book Reviews
    Always looking for these.  They should be relatively short pieces, though.  Books should be relatively new.  Older literature should be reserved for literary criticism rather than reviews.  The point of book reviews is to point people to new works of interesting literature.

And I think that about wraps things up!