I figure it’s a good time to update again.  Firstly, submit submit submit!  We’re getting dangerously close to filling and, well, if you have something in the hopper, send them our way!  This will be our first issue and we want to make it a special one, so if you have something really good, we’d love to see it.

Also, we should probably announce that there will now be a contest winner from YWO published in the first issue.  The story is called “The Bus Stop” by Diocletian (his real or pen name will be used in the magazine).  The contest was open only to YWO members and the prize was publication in SBS, at $25 gift certificate to Amazon or to YWO’s Zazzle Store, and an interview published in the first issue of SBS.  There may be more contests for future issues, by the way, so keep an eye out.

Now to statistics:
Fiction:  49 submitted; 10 accepted, 35 rejection, 4 in the hopper; 22% acceptance rate.
Poetry:  72 submitted:  8 accepted, 64 rejected, 0 in the hopper; 11% acceptance rate (note:  people may submit up to two poems at a time and we generally don’t take both of them, hence the much higher submission rate).
Plays:  1 submitted; 1 rejected, 0 in the hopper; 0% acceptance rate.
Articles/Non-fiction:  3 submitted; 3 rejected; 0% acceptance rate.

We could really do with some non-fiction, particularly book reviews (or relatively prominent titles or particularly interesting ones), interviews with authors of note (not necessarily best selling authors, but at least authors people might know or be interested in), literary criticism, and other forms of non-fiction that might be of interest.  If you have a particularly well researched article on some aspect of writing history, we’d love to see it.

And I think that is all from me today!  Take care and keep submitting!