I told you all I would bring you the table of contents.  The TOC listed here is tentative and may change in the event that some of the authors have not given me their contracts.  This TOC also does not reflect the order of the magazine itself, as we are still working on that aspect of the first issue.  But, I don’t want to waste your time babbling about all this, so here goes:

“Chrysalis” by Josh Robert
“Cold Water” by Peter Meritt
“Memoirs of a Torn Page” by Divya Mohan
“Dried Flowers” by Adrienne Copeland
“Honor Roll Bound” by Emerald Du
“Invisibility” by Kelsey Ray
“Me and the Moon, Demilune” by Noah Blake
“Night Planks” by Thea Green
“One Last Look” by Nick Lyle
“Row 7” by Gregory Wells
“The Birth of Sweet-Fish” by Chris Chapman
“Waffles” by Meagan Burbidge

“A World Without Streetlights” by Tegan Bridge
“Frame of Reference” by Natasha Angela Gregorio
“Glass Friendship in a Play” by Niyousha Bastani
“In Plus Than Perfect Planets” by Milton Perez
“Summer of Artifice” by Benjamin E. Nardolilli
“The Rescue of a Unicorn” by Tabatha Schroeder
“The Type of Night That Makes You Crazy Just Thinking About it” by J. T. Howard
“Word to a Dramatist” by Rei Thompson

“Economies of Scale” by T. M. Hunter
“Six Ideas on Creating Memorable Characters” by Paul Genesse
“A Cure For Sap:  The Time Traveler’s Wife is a Love Story With Substance” by Mary Mann

w/ Paul Genesse (conducted by Shaun Duke)

Quite a few of the fiction pieces are actually quite small, which explains why we have so many.  In any case, it looks like a fantastic lineup!  Thanks to all the contributors for their stories, poems, and articles!

More information will be coming as we get closer to the printer.