A couple important points to be made:

1.  If you have not returned a signed contract to us for your piece of fiction, poetry, or art, then we cannot legally publish your work.  You will not be in the magazine.  We still have some missing contracts.  If you don’t want to be published in the first issue, then please let us know so we can remove you from the lineup.  Otherwise, you’ll be removed and we’ll go to press without you.

2.  Submissions will open up a few months after the first issue hits “stores.”  We want to assess things to see how the issue is received.  This will help us figure out which stories people liked the most, and which people hated.  Strengthening our hold on a literary direction is important, I think.

The first issue of SBS is expected to go up within the next few weeks.  We’re getting close to release, but are being held up by folks who haven’t returned their contracts.  But, at the close of this week we will be waiting no more.  We’ve got to get this thing printed and out there!

More updates coming soon!