Survival By Storytelling is almost here.  We’re done with the formatting and all we’re waiting on now are the finalized images for the cover.  Once we have those, then SBS Mag is going to press.  Hopefully that will be soon (today or tomorrow).  Either way, SBS is going up and getting out there.  When it does, there will be another post!

We encourage everyone to spread the word.  Tell all your friends.  Blog about us.  Get people to buy the magazine when it comes out.  The more we sell, the better.  Why?  Because payment for stories/poems/etc. is based on sales.  Since you all get royalties, the more we sell, the more you earn.  That means for you it’s a good idea to let people know about us to help this thing along; for those that are not in this issue, we encourage you to buy it and spread the word!

Here’s to a smooth publishing process!