If you were stuck in one of your own stories and couldn’t get out, how would you survive? Would you wield a magic sword? Steal a dangerous spaceship? Or would you manipulate your characters into doing your bidding?

For me? Well, I know in one of my stories (“Artemis”) I’d have to learn how to defend myself really quick, because even at 26 I’d be the target for all sorts of twisted teenagers. I’m sure I’d pick up martial arts fairly quick and carry a large, metal object vaguely shaped like a bat with me at all times. And then? I’d beat the heck out of anyone who came near me. I don’t know if I’d succeed (the world of “Artemis” is pretty screwed up), but I’d sure as heck have to try!

Tell us how you would survive a story you’ve written! We want you to take the name of this magazine seriously: survival by storytelling, after all, is not all that far from the truth to begin with.