The holidays have arrived and SBS and Young Writers Online want to do something a little more than just provide an excellent magazine and a community for young writers.  That’s why during the entire month of December we are donating 100% of YWO’s share of the proceeds from sales of Survival By Storytelling AND 100% of all proceeds for merchandise sales at Young Writers Online’s Zazzle Store to World Education.

World Education is a worldwide organization dedicated to improving or solving a wide range of economic, cultural, social, and educational problems, from low literacy rates and inadequate education to health and child labor. Its projects include everything from providing books to children to educating women to combating HIV and AIDS. World Education is doing a lot of work that other organizations are not by hitting many of the underlying issues that create poor literacy in the United States and the rest of world, developed or developing.

So, having said that, we’d like to ask everyone to spread the word about this. If you’re not interested in purchasing Survival By Storytelling, then please get a mug or funny t-shirt from our Zazzle store! Or, if you’re not interested in either, then head on over to World Education and donate on your own. Support this great organization and its efforts.

The charity drive runs until the 2nd of January.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment or send an email to sbsmag[at]yahoo[dot]com.