Thanks to everyone who has supported Survival By Storytelling and submitted to us.  Unfortunately, due to a number of circumstances beyond my control (and some that were), I’ve decided to close SBS.  We have not received nearly as many submissions for the Steampunk issue as we had hoped and a number of issues with time and funds have made it difficult to continue with the magazine.

Issue One will still remain for sale and those who have been published in that issue will still be paid when royalties come in, provided your Paypal address remains the same.  Anyone who currently has submissions with us will be emailed shortly with suggestions for other places to submit to.

On a happier note:  this does not mean that a magazine is completely out of the question for the future.  I have intentions to re-open a different magazine with less submission restrictions and in online format at some point (likely by Summer 2011).  Information about that will likely appear on my blog.  SBS was a fantastic adventure.  I learned a great deal with marketing, book formatting, submission procedures, and so on, and I expect I’ll have much more to learn in the future.

Thanks again, everyone, and have a great year!