Dear all,


We have been made very aware that lots of people have exams at the moment, and as a result we are a little short on submissions. As a result, we are going to extend the deadline for 2 weeks, ending on the 30th June. This will mean our new publication date will be July 14th.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to announce that, in addition to the two books on offer for submitting alone, there will be two competitions run in this issues, quite simply for best poetry and best prose.


For best poetry, the winner will receive a book of selected poems from a poet of the editors’ choosing, while for best prose, the prize will include a book of short stories and 5 “crit tickets” for either via YWO or email from our editors.


We hope everyone will really pull together and recommend us to their writing friends so we can have the fullest and best issue possible.


All the best,

Fi and Imelda