Survival By Storytelling Magazine (or SBS Magazine) publishes quality fiction and poetry by young authors. It is run by Young Writers Online.net.
We are a small print and electronic magazine, currently published irregularly (there is no set publication schedule, issues will be published when filled). We publish fiction of any genre and poetry of any form.  We are also accepting other prose forms such as reviews, articles, etc..

The magazine is edited by Shaun Duke and Nyx.

Publication is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once submissions are open for the first issue we will accept stories until we fill the issue and nothing more for the time being. The submission period will close once the issue is filled. We’ll open submissions again depending on how the first issue goes. The intention is to print an issue once it is filled no more than once a month, based upon material submitted.

Submissions are currently open.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Have any guidelines for artist/illustrator submissions?

  2. shaunduke said:

    Read what we have in our guidelines here first, because those are important.

    As for what we’re looking for…hmm. We don’t have any specifics. We already have the artwork we’re going to use for the cover, however we are interesting in art to go inside. Anything is really acceptable provided it is not a violation of copyright (because SBS does not have a lawyer and I’m basically broke) and isn’t too vulgar (use your best judgment…if it’s pornography, then assume we don’t want it).

    The only major thing is that art that goes inside the book itself must either be in black and white or at least work in black and white. We’re not printing stuff in color on the inside at this point, so any art has to at least look decent in black and white. We’re open to small comics and possible longer comics, general art (pencil, painting, photography, etc.), and anything else you might consider to be “art.”

    Hope that helps.

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