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Shaun Duke or Nyx, Editors: sbsmag@(no spam) (remove the no spam bit).


13 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Hi, I stumbled across your web site via craigs list under “gigs” for writing.
    I have a love for writing and it is my passion. I would love to have the opportunity to submit some of my material for your publication. Can you give me details?

    Fred West

  2. All the information you need is in the “Guidelines” tab. Thanks!

  3. Do you only accept traditional lengths of short fiction (3,000-20,0000) words, or are you willing to look at things around 500-1500 words as well?

  4. Flash fiction is perfectly acceptable. If you’ve got a good 500 word story, send it in!

  5. Jenny Chu said:

    Do you guys accept short shorts? My story is 350 words. I’ve tried sending it in to other flash fiction magazines and always get the same response that they only accept 500-1000 word pieces.

  6. shaunduke said:

    Yes we do. There’s a short story of 195 words in the first issue, so if you’ve got a really good 350 word short short, send it in!

  7. I will be turning 25 on monday!
    I only found your site today, (thursday).
    Am I still able to submit articles for another year?

  8. Yes, Whitney, you can submit until you are 26.


  9. AC Stone said:

    I have a novella of just under 22,000 words, should I send a query to the email address above in regards to the length?

  10. I’m looking for ad space for a YA fantasy novel. Will you be selling advertising? If so, what is available at what rate?

  11. AC: We’re currently closed to subs, but will be opening them up a few months after the first issue has had its run.

    Loretta: We will consider advertising for such things. Please contact us at sbsmag[at]yahoo[dot]com for details.

  12. Donna Grace said:

    I paid for a subscription to your magazine in February 2015 but never received even one magazine. I did contact through this web site and was told was due to some changes in printing. It has now been one year! I feel I should either receive the magazine or refund my money!

    • Donna,

      I’m a bit confused. SBS has been defunct for a number of years and has never offered subscriptions. If you purchased a subscription from someone, you need to contact them and get your money back ASAP. The only thing we still “sell” is the first issue of SBS (on Lulu, etc.). But if someone sold you a subscription, they did so without permission or an actual product to sell.


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