What People Think

What do people think about the first issue of Survival By Storytelling?  Quite a lot!

I’m glad that I read this issue of SBS Magazine. I may not always be able to relate, when it comes to what goes on in the mind of a young and educated writer but the talent and potential displayed in this fledgling magazine’s first issue warrants acknowledgment and encouragement. Survival By Storytelling Magazine is off to a promising start and I expect nothing but positive growth from this publication in the future.

–From a review by Tonya Moore

It’s a fine assemblage of often confessional pieces that bring the reader to the edge of survival and back again. Like “Imaginarium” its themes are filled with the human necessities that straddle the line between good and evil.

–From a review at Short, Fast, and Deadly

An inspiring reminder of what young writers have to offer.

–From Carraka on Amazon.com

The bottom line is this magazine is one of the better upstarts I’ve read as of recently, and it has a good mission statement.

–From a review at The Weirdside

Survival by Storytelling is definitely worth checking out if you are a short story fan.  Themes of the dark side of love, loss, and stress are all in attendance throughout, which is something you expect from those under 25.

–From a review at The Mad Hatter’s Bookshelf and Review


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