Submission Guidelines

Survival By Storytelling publishes creative work by young writers, including poetry, short fiction, short plays, and non-fiction based around writing. We welcome writing of any style and any genre. All we define by is quality.

  • Please save your submission as either a .docx, .dox, or .rtf file, and attach it to your email. This work should be in standard manuscript format, and sent to If you do not know what this is, check out Please note that, while we accept any form of writing, we do not accept or publish erotic, overly violent or “swear-heavy” submissions.
  • You must be under 25 years old to submit. While occasionally, we will commission work from older writers, submissions are for those under 25.
  • You may submit only one piece of work at a time, except in the case of poetry, where we allow two pieces per submission, and graphics, where multiple drafts may be entered.
  • Length guidelines:
    • Short fiction: maximum 20,000 words.
    • Poetry: maximum 40 lines.
    • Plays: maximum 20 pages in play-format.
    • Non-fiction: maximum 3,000 words.
  • Please make sure to check spelling and grammar before you submit. We are happy to correct occasional mistakes, but a piece littered with errors is unlikely to be accepted.
  • Please indicate your age in your cover email, and if you are a minor in your country of residence. It will not affect our judgement on whether or not to publish your work.
  • You do not need to be a member of YWO to submit, but we encourage you to join.
  • Any material submitted must not be available online anywhere. This includes forums. If it is posted anywhere, please ask an administrator to hard delete it before submitting to us.
  • Please tell us if the piece has been published before, such as in a school newspaper.
  • You may use a pen name to publish your work, but we will need your real name for legal reasons. If you choose to use a pen name, we will not divulge your real name.
  • By submitting to us, you must agree that you are the creator of the work, that you have not lied about your personal information to us, and that you have violated no copyrights in the work.
  • We do not accept simultaneous submissions.

Publication details:

If accepted for publication, we will ask you to sign a contract granting us first North American and foreign serial rights, with an option that we may reuse your work in an anthology. This means that you are allowing us to use your work in one issue of the magazine only (in eBook, blog, and print format), available to an international audience. You will also be allowing us the right to reprint the work in an anthology, should we publish one, subsequent to a new contract and agreement.

The contract must be signed by all authors. If you are a minor, a parent or guardian will have to sign the contract for you. Although this is largely superficial due to the fact the magazine will be “sold” via donations, and you will receive no royalties at this date, we still need you to agree for us to publish you.

The contract will be emailed to you, and must be printed, signed, and then either scanned and email back to us, or posted to us (our address will be provided if you choose that option).


13 thoughts on “Submission Guidelines”

  1. Alexandra Durman said:

    I’m interested in submitting some of my work including a play script, a story and an article. However I have uploaded all of these onto the Quarterlife website in my portfolio, does this restrict me from submitting the items for your magazine? If so am I still able to submit the items if I remove them from the website?

    • Any work that you submit to SBS must not have been published anywhere else or available online at the time of submission or, if accepted, until after publication (preferably with a 6 month leeway period after publication). If it’s on Quarterlife, please remove it for the time being and then submit. So yes, if you remove them, you can submit them!

  2. Hello,
    I was wondering if you might have an idea of approximately when could fall the deadline. I am currently editing and choosing between a few poems, and I’m worried I may accidentally miss the window for the submission.

    Thank you very much,
    Linda Ghio

  3. Can someone give me an exact deadline date?

  4. For a short story submission, the submission guidelines say “Short story fiction: 20, 000 words. Is that a typo? Or is it really 20,000?

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